Gerald Easterling

Chief Executive Officer and President

Mr. Gerald Easterling has served as President and a Director of NaturalShrimp since its inception in 2001 and recently replaced Mr. Williams as the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Easterling is instrumental in corporate direction, operations, acquisitions, and merger strategies for the company.

He is also President and Director for Natural Aquatic Systems, LLC the holder of the intellectual technology rights for indoor aquatic species patent issued December 2018. He has oversight of business development, operations, and sales.

He served as President of Café Quick Enterprises and was a member of the Board of Directors from 1988 until 2016. During this time he was a co-developer and named inventor of the Café Quick™ patented fast food vending concept. In this role, Mr. Easterling built the business model from concept to production. He was the key for developing the proprietary patented food delivery packaging and product specifications. The Café Quick™ technology was patented worldwide; in 2012 the Company sold all its proprietary technology and assets to California based KRh Thermal Systems.

In 1981 Mr. Easterling co-founded Process Technology (Fresh Fry™), where he served as President and Director. It was the first patented customer-operated French fry machine for the convenience store industry. In 1982, Salt Lake City based U.I. Group acquired all the Fresh Fry patented technology, where he continued to server as Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors.

William Delgado

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Mr. Delgado has served as a consultant to numerous public and private companies in a management capacity and as a board member. He is currently restructuring Global Digital Solutions, Inc. (“GDSI”), a security and technology company, where he serves as the CEO/CFO..

Mr. Delgado served as a former Chief Budget Analyst for the Northern California region for Pacific Bell.

Bachelor of Science with Honors in Applied Economics from the University of San Francisco and Graduate studies in Telecommunications Management at Southern Methodist University.

Thomas Untermeyer

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Untermeyer is a co-founder of NaturalShrimp and is the inventor of the initial technology behind the computer-controlled shrimp-raising system used by the Company. He has served as an engineering consultant to NaturalShrimp since 2001.

Mr. Untermeyer served as a Senior Program Manager with Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas for 34 years but is now working full time as the Chief Technology Officer for the NaturalShrimp. His experience includes systems engineering, program development, and technical management. Mr. Untermeyer has spent his entire career in the process of defining, designing, and developing electronic products and systems for both commercial and government clients. This has included small design programs to large multi-million dollar programs involving large multidisciplinary teams composed of software, electrical, and mechanical engineers.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from St. Mary’s University.